The GDF One Class One Dream Fundraiser
The GDF One Class One Dream Fundraiser
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What We Need

The GDF is seeking to raise $15,000 over the next 30 days in order to pay for books, room and board for one of our students for one year at a UC or equivalent.

What We Do

The GDF provides mentoring, resources, and financial support for four (4) years of college at a UC or equivalent to a class of 15 under-resourced, hard-working students in Oakland, CA.

About the GDF

What if we could all support one class of students beginning in kindergarten and provide mentoring all the way through college graduation? And what if we could also provide college tuition, room, and board for this class of hard-working students? What would our community look like? What would Oakland look like? The George Daskarolis Foundation (GDF) was founded by Elizabeth Daskarolis in 2002 in honor of her late husband, George Daskarolis, with the intention of answering these questions.

George Daskarolis was a lifelong, dedicated educator who spent his career teaching students at the high-school level in San Francisco and at the community-college level in Oakland, CA. He, like his mother Maria, a brilliant and insightful Greek immigrant, passionately believed that equal access to high-quality education was imperative. To keep his powerful commitment to education for all alive, the foundation made a commitment to one kindergarten class to see them all the way through college. Today, the GDF continues to serve these 15 under-resourced, hard-working Oakland students, many of whom were born the same year that George died. The goal is to support them in pushing beyond their circumstances and realizing their college dreams.

Sadly, the dream of attending college – a dream that is at once all-American and simultaneously steeped in the traditions of George’s Greek ancestry – is not so simple for everyone. Ever-rising tuition costs, neighborhood violence, and other factors beyond students' control diminish access to college, yet attaining higher education still correlates with a higher income and better quality of life, stacking the odds against those who do not attain it.

Today, the GDF students – most of whom will be the first in their families

to attend college – are in 11th grade at high schools throughout Oakland. They all have big dreams for their futures. These students will not let theircircumstances define or limit them. They are working hard in school and wantto keep learning, growing, building, creating. 

When you donate to the GDF, you are not only supporting our class of 15 bright, hard-working students in achieving their dream of attending college. You are creating a new expectation in our students’ families, neighborhoods, and extended communities. Studies show that if a member of one’s family is a college graduate, there is a much higher chance that one will attend college, too. You are supporting our students’ entire network of family and friends in attending college. You are making college graduation the new norm.

Thank you for taking the time to visit our website and let us share our vision with you. We hope you’ll support the realization of this vision both by sharing itwith your social networks and by donating today.

One class. One town. One dream.