“One Class. One Town. One Dream.”

I cried a few times watching the World Cup. A couple of times the tears were from joy, but the last time, well,… I had no idea how attached I would get. I wasn’t a soccer fan before this World Cup. I had played soccer as a kid, watched a lot of soccer games,… this time it took. I’m not the same person now.

Unselfish play, strength, determination, heart, endurance, patience, intelligence, disappointment, joy, power, connection.


I look at our class of Oakland students through this same lens. These kids have heart. All fifteen of them. So does this town. Oakland. Our history is remarkable. In Oakland we do the remarkable. The Town will make you want to dance like Isadora Duncan, sing like John Lee Hooker, or drop a rhyme like Tupac. We wave a flag here. Yes, even with the challenges and disappointments. Even with the losses. Even when we are overlooked. Because this town is about everybody having the right to spit a verse.

Regardless of whether you go to Skyline in Oakland or Monte Vista in Danville, you deserve the right. At least that’s what we believe. That’s what we are playing for. That’s what our game is about.

We at GDF have put a flag down here in the heart of the town. For one class of students from the Fruitvale district. For one dream. All for one.

For one goal.

If you watched the World Cup, you know that sometimes one goal is all you need.

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